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Frequently Asked Questions


Find the answers to frequently asked questions below. Please contact us for any other questions that you may have.

 01 What is the difference between Academic Enrichment Program and Curriculum Enhancement Program?

Academic Enrichment Program is designed for students under Grade 10. It follows our unique comprehensive curriculum that helps students to build a solid mathematical foundation including logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. 

Curriculum Enhancement Program follows Ontario Grades 9 to 12 curriculum and aims to improve student academic performance and promote overall mathematical thinking and problem solving skills. Prior knowledge and skills will be checked and may be revisited to ensure a sustainable performance. 



 02  I'd like to enroll my child in Academic Enrichment Program. How do I decide which class is most appropriate for my child?

Students will be placed in a level that most fits their mathematical proficiency according to the results of their admission assessment which every student needs to write prior to acceptance to a program.  



 03  How many lessons are there in each school year?

There are about 38-40 lessons in each school year from early September to late June. Normally there will be one two-hour lesson per week. There are no classes during Winter break and March Break. 

 04  Will you refund or make up any missed classes?

We encourage students to attend every class as each class is built on top of previous lessons and knowledge.  However, we know things happen sometimes. We offer a 45-minute make-up lesson to cover the content of the missed class. Appointment is required.


 05  Do I get a discount if I enroll two or more children in your programs?


Yes, you do. A 10% discount applies to every child if you have two or more children enrolled in our programs. 

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