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Why JD Education?


Our Vision and Mission

At JD Education, our vision is to inspire every student and make math a truly fun and important part of everyday life.

Our mission is to create a thinking classroom where students explore the essence of mathematics through unique curriculum and effective teaching and learning.

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching and committed to student success. All our teaching staff have graduate degrees in teaching and/or their respective teaching subject. They bring in not only their wealth of knowledge but also their enthusiasm about their subject matter to inspire and empower every learner.

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Our Curriculum

Our carefully designed curriculum captures the essence of Shanghai Math, Singapore Math, and Ontario Math curricula. It follows children's cognitive developmental pathway and introduces concepts and problems in a systematic, integrative, and in-depth approach. Our unique course materials enhance and extend mathematical thinking and learning for every student.

Our Classes

All our classes are small in sizes ranging from 4-10 students per class. Students receive more individual attention from the teacher and are given more opportunities to demonstrate their learning. We foster a strong sense of community in an inviting, collaborative  learning environment where students are highly encouraged and actively engaged.

Our Teaching

Teaching is never complete without knowing our students. In addition to creating an interactive, engaging thinking classroom, our teachers spend hours checking students' homework and providing them with effective feedback. By doing so we keep track of students' progress and help them build solid mathematical foundations for their future learning and success. 

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